“The Deep”

­“The Deep” Series

The Deep is currently being exhibited at

Gallery25N Exhibition Pure Abstraction 2

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Artist Statement

These reliefs came out of the wanderings of my soul and from exploring the depths of forgotten dreams. Looking for a place of peace and contentment, while needing a place of growth and freedom, I searched for clarity of vision.

The pressures of life made me feel like I was underwater; the weight of the water and the strength of the current overwhelmed me. Who was I? What is my purpose? Where is the joy in life?  It was as if I had lost my identity.

Reflecting on this, I thought of the coral and anemones; the sea life that thrive under the weight of the ocean current. They carry a beauty that is unique; a rhythm of living energy that dances with the waves that give it life.

I wanted to be restored to “dance with the waves that give life”. These reliefs are a meditation on breath and dance within the pressures of life. It is the process of putting aside stress and expectations to experience the present moment and to restore the beauty of enjoying life.

Fabric creates a rhythm with the folds with immediacy and grace of gesture. The undulating forms are sculpted in acrylic medium to reflect the current over the ocean floor. The feminine forms are soft yet firm, representing vulnerability, yet a strong inner strength. The layers of the color blue use the chromatic reference of the reef, while allowing the eye to follow the dance of the energy responding within the piece. A matte finish calls the viewer to look deeper.

Kelly Maney



“My artwork is an inner dialogue concerning life’s journey which comes alive through the intuitive process of sculpting fabric.”