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South Oak Liquor Mural day 23

SOLday23 SOLmuralAh, finally, last Friday, I put the finishing touches on the mural. This project has been quite an adventure.I finished the body of the mural within my expected time frame, 2 weeks. But when it came to working on the Baker Hotel and the buildings around it took much longer.  I found I had to make decisions about which details to include or exclude and I could not paint a photo realistic setting. I felt I even had to start over a couple of times and reassess where I was going with the finished product. I went through the whole scale of emotions, from elation to anger and frustration. But this process is just part of what it takes to produce art. I am happy with the finished product. I hope when your in Mineral Wells, you will stop at South Oak Liquor and take a look!

Thank you all for joining me as I painted my first commercial mural!


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