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South Oak Liquor Mural day 19


SOLday19Well, I haven’t posted for a couple of days because I was stuck. When a mural is designed, it is a smaller version, a less experienced artist may miss some details. When the picture arrives at its actual size, those areas are exposed to the artist’s eyes. That is what happened to me in the area of the mural where the city is. I realized a couple buildings here and there would not suffice. So last Friday I went back to the drawing board to make patterns for three prominate buildings that stuck out. (Thanks to the youtube video from Chris Fields of the aerial view from his airplane, )

The picture on the left shows the patterns for the buildings. The left is First State Bank, the top right building is the Crazy Water Hotel, and the bottom right building is the United Methodist church. (Methodists, please do not be offended that I painted your church on the outside of a liquor store! I do not have any hidden meaning behind it.)

So that’s where I’m at with this project! Thanks for staying tuned! Have a great day!


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