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South Oak Liquor Mural, day 14


Day 14, It was cooler today. The western part of the U.S. has the Texas heat, while Texas is enjoying cooler temperatures. So I was able to work 6.5 hours with just a couple of breaks. I worked on the placement of the windows. It took me a bit to fins my groove, but I found a way to consistently measure the windows for the different sides of the building.

Slight problem,I found the color I used for the side of the building in the shade a bit too dark. Realizing, I had to paint the windows dark, I painting the building a lighter color and left the windows as is. This was what I call a happy accident!  When I came to the sunny side of the building I used some of the leftover paint from last week to fill in the windows as positive color. It turned out great!


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