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I feel revived by my new support system. Signing up with Artist Career Training has given me stability. I felt uncertain about many things, including how to portray myself. I felt my weaknesses would be a crutch to being taken seriously.
Aletta DeWal, of, advises artist who want to learn the business of make art for a living. With her program for the starter artists, I’ve made peace with my insecurities and am ready to embrace them. The unknown is my playground!

I recently finished the lesson on creating a significant body of work. I learned it takes a lifetime to create, but the beginnings are set in my style and creating themes for art shows. With 20 pieces needed for a show, this gives me a goal. The most I’ve created was three with the same theme; my Japanese script and the sunflowers.

With lots of work before me, I hope to share my journey with the reader; inspiring emerging artists, making friends, and attracting business partners. May this blog be worthy to reminisce on in the future.

Blessings to all,

Kelly, finding her voice





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